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 The Survivor Tree Project

" Our Single mission is restoring Americas National Forests"
GIANT REDWOOD (SEQUOIA National Forest CA.)      
 The passing year of 2015, Fires destroyed 9,500,571 acres of our precious American Forests as of November 11th.  Five hundred square miles in the state of Washington alone.
 The 08/05/16  Fire report shows 35,061 fires have burned 3,532,725 to this date.
Forests average 4000 trees per acre so the number of trees trees needed to restore 500 square miles boggles the mind but, it can be done.

 Drought, disease, and other causes both natural and man made add considerably to the above totals.  

   Current reforestation efforts simply cannot compensate for these losses.
 Our Survivor Tree Project is a mass reforestation effort to overcome these terrible losses and return Americas Forest Ecosystems to their natural splendor. 
The  National Forest Resources for the United States cover 171 Million Acres.+/- . In the last few years we have been losing  millions of  acres of Forests each year to Fire, Drought and other natural causes.

The total yearly forest acreage replanted for the entire country is 2 ½ million acres. Only 6% of that planted in our National Forests.  (USFS & NOAA)

  It Takes 4,000,000,000 (4 Billion) Trees to replant One Million Acres of Forest  and we need 20 times that amount just to begin ...... Those trees simply do not exist ..... and even if they were available the average cost of planting one forest seedling is $4.00 making the cost of replanting just one million acres $160,000,000.00

 The future of all large scale reforestation lies in the use of seed or seedlings.  We address that need through the Survivor Tree Project by utilizing the science of Molecular Biology to produce the mass quantities of seedlings necessary to rebuild our National Forests. 

 This is a well tested and proven Science and is used by the commercial timber companies  because it produces superior quality Trees.  Our 50 + years of research  has provided the missing link in perfecting the automation process which now makes it financially viable for mass reforestation  ..... 

         Winning the War on Forest Restoration


Our Survivor tree project is based on locating trees which have withstood the elements of man and Nature. They have survived disease, blight, insects and  drought. We find and reproduce these exact trees. 

  Science has advanced this process from plant tissue culture to microbiology on a cellular level so that now we can produce thousands of young trees or plants from each cell in a single leaf.(
IE: 100,000 seeds from one Maple Leaf). 
Their genetics are not   altered or modified in any way. Each seed will simply be the exact tree the cell was taken from.
With this technology called Somatic Embryogenesis, mass reforestation can be done with  encapsulated Seedlings which eliminates the high cost of labor associated with traditional reforestation methods.
   Currently the cost of planting one  young (seedling) tree in our Forests is $4.00 (each) ....

The projected cost of our Perfect Forest Seedlings will be $ .30c to .90c and we are replanting the Forests with the best and strongest trees that Nature has provided ....

                Fact;  Forests Produce 50% of the worlds Oxygen

We are a single mission public Non Profit Foundation. Our Survivor Tree Project locates the strongest surviving trees, collects the donor tissue and produce the new seedlings.  The Forest Service will then select the species and plant.  
With continued public support we can do this at no cost to the Forest Service.

Nature will  re- create the Forest Ecosystems
 The American Indian Foundation is an IRS approved public foundation founded in 1948 and licensed with the IRS Since 1976,  operating under a current certification from the IRS
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